Light Up the Dance Floor

figure dancing

Whether you are a professionally trained groove master or just someone that likes to tap their toes to the beat, nothing tops the thrill of getting down and moving your body to music. Don’t worry about looking funny, just dance your heart out and have a good time. That’s what …

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Think You Can Dance? These Three Kids Will Put You to Shame

dancing kid

Are you the type to stand against the wall when the party starts? Or do you bust out the robot just to do something? Some people seem to just naturally have moves. Check out these three kids that know how to get down–maybe you can pick up a step or two …

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Ready for the Floor: 5 Animals with Killer Dance Moves

dancing rats

Humans aren’t the only ones that can throw it down on the dance floor. Check out these 5 animals that can put many professional dancers to shame. Who knows, you might learn some new moves. Dancing Dog Does he get a treat for this? It’s just one move, but that …

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Stretch First And Avoid Dance Floor Injuries

woman stretching

The dance floor may be ready for your moves, but your moves may not be ready for the dance floor. Before you explode into an artistic rush of motion, take time to prepare your body. These simple stretching techniques will help you avoid soreness and injuries while feeling energetic and …

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Arena Usher Finds His Dance Floor

sports arena

All eyes are on you as you appear on screen and begin to move. Your face lights up the Jumbo Tron and the entire arena can see you moving your body to the music. Although fun, dancing at a sporting event typically doesn’t bring more attention than high-fives from your …

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